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There is the simple way to create a true-love relationship and there is another way to do that. I have tried both. I cannot recommend to you which to choose because I am not a teacher or a guide to you. However, in this website I describe both ways. Those who choose the simple way may want to do only two things: first to read the following energetic story (spanish; hebrew) that I have written and then to stop looking for any additional assistance outside themselves until they encounter True-Love. Those who choose the other way may want to carry on reading the rest of the text on this page and website and use the various tools here. What ever your choice is I wish you much success and enjoyment on your journey.  


The world is fast changing as a result of expansions of the consciousnesses of humanity. People are beginning to become aware of their inner self and the various parts that comprise their own essence. A rememberance of their true identity surges and propels people to modify their own ways of behavior and living.

Men and women realize that the notion of love is more complex and divert than what they have been told in their childhood fairytales. Love becomes a path of self fulfillment, a journey of discovering the meaning of the physical reality and mastering it. The focus in relationships swing from the outer, that is finding Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, to the inner worlds, meaning to the self. Romantic relationships cease to be a goal and become a tool, a mean, to discover who we really are.

Enlightened Sovereignty is the core representation of such shift in consciousness. If you have come to the point in your life when you seek meaning and fulfillment; to get to know the bigger picture of the reality; to feel - perhaps for the first time - genuine completeness and content; and to establish the most meaningful relationship with another dear soul then here is a place for you to gather together, read, connect, share, learn and develop. Here you can find tools that would help you on your way to find who you are and to choose the most appropriate way of living for yourself.

How to find YOU? How to easily attract your True Lover, your "One"? What is "Enlightened Sovereignty" anyhow and how to have exactly that kind of relationship? How to transform the stagnation and move your life forward in all areas, including your relationships and love-life?

These are just three of the questions we are aiming to address. We claim that the way to change your life begins and ends with the inner realms of your consciousness. We say that when you first establish TrueLove with YourSelf then a loving relationship with another Human being automatically follows. We say, yet we do not preach. You do not have to sign up or follow any rules. It is up to you to discern, to read, to listen, to watch and ultimately to choose how your life is going to be.

There is an inner impulse within each and every one of us that pushes us forward to reunite with other people. One of the purest and most appropriate such reunion is the one that we experience with our inner self. .Come and knock on the door that opens your journey to your One.



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