The written word is unquestionably one of the efficient ways to deliver a private or global message to others. There is something romantic in the notion that one can take a book, anytime and anywhere, and delve right into a different world which is colored by its own views, nature and characters.

A good book, to our taste, is one that conveys through its pages and phrases more than the literal meanings of the words themselves. More than that, a successful book is one that manages to deliver a message that lasts for many years if not forever, to which the readers are drawn time and again. An excellent reading material is one that involves mystic features in the process of its making which were weaved like golden strings in between the words and the structure.

Here, we are honored to offer our staff's list of excellent books; those which we have read with awesome respect and secretly cherished. We are welcoming your comments and additions.

  • The Bronze Horseman
    by Paullina Simons

    A romantic love story in the old sense of the word. The author manages to describe the heros' feelings in a wonderful way. The dialogues between Tatiana and Alexander will remind everyone of past or current love affairs and the exhilarating moments that were in them. I recommend this book for one reason mostly - it will rekindle within you a romantic flame that might have been dimmed, and will consequently serve as a call for your soul. Those who never been in love will find this book helpful to create within them an energetic pull towards romantic relationship in the physical. The book will help you focus on the romantic aspect and that's in itself a huge merit.

    Incidentally, this book is the first in a trilogy.

  • McMafia: Crime Without Frontiers
    by Misha Glenny

    "What a book about the criminalization of the world in the past two decades has to do on a recommended books list of a website that speaks about TrueLove"? I can hear your questions already.

    Two reasons - The book will give you much information about the shadow worlds that exist near us and of which we are normally not aware. Your mind will get to know the dark side of the world which, as anyone who walks the path of TrueLove has come to learn, is a legitimate part of your wholeness, your divinity. Remember, repressing the darkness is not the way to reach mastery.

    Secondly, throughout the reading about drugs, vilans, cruelty, gamgsters and so on, an interesting feeling will crawl into your heart. A feeling that eventually will make you say to yourself - that can't be all! There is a bigger and grander plan to humanity and to the world, one which created this crime and therefore created the solution with it. Soon you will begin pondering the thought that YOU may be part of the solution. And that will be the real message of this documentary book.

  • Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia
    by Elizabeth Gilbert

    Those who have recently begun their spiritual path are more likely to enjoy this novel. The author's vivid descriptions of the Italian/Indian/Indonesian way of life from her point of view are marvellous, appealing and beneficial for those who consider travelling to such places. The sporadic sharing of her innermost struggles will help many who think they are alone in their misery and hopelessness. In that regard the book brings a clear voice of hope and even draws a path to reach it. Nevertheless, this is not a spiritual book in the theoretical sense of the word. You will not find great revelations or wisdoms to ponder on before you fall asleep; but it should be noted that it seems to us that the author never had the aspiration to do such a thing. She merely shares with the readers the road of a seeker who has been influenced by the new-age philosophy. In simple words and a flowing story she succeeds to touch our hearts and make her story a best-seller. 

  • Resurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness
    by Harry Palmer

    Note: We are actually recommending the book: "Exploring consciousness through Unconsciousness" by Pradip Mukherji and NOT the book entitled above. Unfortunately, the book "Exploring..." is not to be found on Amazon and therefore we had to find another title. For purchase:

    From the back cover:

    "This is not a book of truths. It is also not a book of philosophy, religion, spirituality, new-age or old-age, though the bookseller will put it on one of those categories. ...

    This book is not for the average seeker, for the beginner or for the one seeking a quick-fix solution. They are no lesser than the advanced seekers, or any greater than the materialistic human. They are just where they are at this point of time, and this book will not forward them".

    In  this book, the author, Mr. Pradip Mukherji, (may be contacted via email: publishes articles and correspondences with readers that you will find thought provoking. provising that if you didn't listen to his advise to quiet mind chater, stop all unnecessary thoughts and just be. The book is recommended for those who wish to release the (last?) fortress behind which their lives hide, that is the power of their mind. Those who are familiar with the reunion process that we speak about here will find reassurance and forwarding words in Pradip's writings.

  • The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know (Roberts, Jane)
    by Jane Roberts

    This is one of the best books I have ever read. I recall that the minute I found, at the age of 25, I was overwhelmed by a huge "click" within, as if something in me was waiting all my life to the point in time when I would be ready to have a "date" with the magical Seth and his message.

    The book is not easy to read, I admit, and some would justly find it very mental (too mental perhaps). Nevertheless, along the years I have returned time and again to read the wonderful explanations about the nature of our reality and each time I was discovering new ideas which in turn left their tangible mark on my personal reality!

    Needless to say that I recommend with all my heart, that whoever wishes to understand how and why his or her personal life works and why people behave the way they do, should passionately read that book.

  • Soul Love: Awakening Your Heart Centers (Roman, Sanaya)
    by Sanaya Roman

    This book is what many would ascribe to the "New Age spiritualism". I for one choose not to categorize people (or books) so even if you, the reader, "belong" (can a human-being really belong to something?) to the old school (can there really be something "old" in the now moment?!), I still recommend you to check out the book.

    It came to my life at a time when I was confused by a reality that no longer worked for me regarding my love life. I was looking for answers for some serious questions that plunged in my mind, and that book helped me to realize what true soul-mates are and that Self mastery is a prerequisite state for achieving TrueLove. I would like to quote one sentence from page 169: "Release the need to save people: taking care of others, worrying about their lives, and solving their problems can occupy so much of your attention and emotions that you have no energy left to put into your own life and spiritual path". What a great relief it was back then for my worrisome mind, reassuring me that being selfish and taking care of ME, was the right thing to do.

  • Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character)
    by Richard P. Feynman, Ralph Leighton

    This book, written by Richard Feynman, The 1965 Nobel prize for Physics, describes in an original way, full of humor and wisdom, his day to day weird adventures. The book, I recall, taught me that a spiritual seeker must not detach himself from the world of reality and that a curious mind can enjoy this life on earth to the same extent, if not more, like one who explores other dimensions.

    If you like that book (and I believe you will) you may enjoy reading the sequence: "What do you care what other people think?" by the same author.

  • Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon (Izvor Collection)
    by Omraam M. Aivanhov

    I have recommended this book to a reader who recently asked us a question. The book was given to me as a birthday present by a dear soul who for a short while accompanied me on my journey and I can certainly say that this is one of the books that consists hidden energy between its pages. In our time, when sexual energy is gravely misunderstood and seriously twisted, this message can explain some things and enlighten those who look for answers about sexuality; not to mention how beneficial it would be for your relationship and your sex life with your TrueLover.

  • Living Loving and Learning
    by Leo F. Buscaglia

    Dr. Loe Buscaglia manages to deliver a genuine message of attentive and caring teaching. His book draws in simple words ancient wisdoms of appropriate behavior. Without using spiritual phrases at all, new and old age theories, the book shares the experiences of a loving teacher who sketched a road map to every teacher and human being regarding how to interact with our fellow students and friends.

    I believe that every teacher, especially one who does his/her first steps in educating, should read that book. Once again it is proven that spiritualism and lofty notions of wisdom are best conveyed through personal stories. God does Indeed reside in the small details.

  • The Season of Passage
    by Christopher Pike

    Do you want to feel and explore your dark sides in a tangible way? then read this book. It's a rich novel fiction, categorized by critics as horror novel, but from a self-conscious perspective it can be utilized to befriend with the hidden aspects of your SELF.

    Recommended to read in bed, under a thick blanket, on dark and rainy nights ;-)

  • Out-Of-Body Adventures
    by Rick Stack

    For those who wonder what OBEs and TrueLove has to do with each other I must write a disclaimer: TrueLove necessitates going beyond the sensed reality into deeper vistas of your SELF. When one begins one's explorations in the occult worlds, the issue of OBEs come to the forefront of one's desired experiences either because it naturally happens or it's part of the scene. It is fashionable to say that if you have experienced OBEs then you surely are a good spiritual person and surely has great psychic abilities. Well, whereas that may be true (and I am not making any opinion here) one really doesn't have to go through anything with the spiritual world to have the most wonderful relationship with one's loved one (actually, sometimes, spirituality might stand in the way).

    I chose to recommend about this book because it does the work. Meaning, when you read it and apply the methods you WILL experience OBEs. Will that bring your ONE to you immediately? I doubt it. But at least it would open your mind to the other worlds "out/in there".

  • Surfing Through Hyperspace: Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy Lessons
    by Clifford A. Pickover

    A science book, and not so easy to read. I have previously expressed my opinion about science and how far from the real reality (to MY understanding) it sometimes places itself. However, science books that deal with Quantum physics and multi-dimensions at least trigger our minds to accept the possibility of other realities. I found it most helpful to read detailed descriptions of different dimensions, the effects of traveling to hyperspace and such. The sheer reading and contemplation of the theories will expand your perceptions about the reality and will greatly help your inner self (who resides in other dimension) to communicate with you more consciously than it has been doing so far.

  • The Magus
    by John Fowles

    The literal meaning of the title, The Magus, means God. In Hebrew that title was translated to "The God Game".  But Fowel's extraordinary literal creation is far from being a theological book. Actually it has many levels and it's up to the reader and the reader's level of self-awareness to recognize them all. Incidentally, i am under the impression that the author himself has not been fully aware of the meanings of his masterpiece.

    First and foremost the Magus is a love story and should be read as such. The erotic descriptions are impossible to be ignored and would incite your romantic hearts. Then your minds will ponder for days and weeks the hidden meanings and your place vis-à-vis a world of Maguses.

    One of the best novels I have ever read. Highly recommended.

  • Seth Dreams and Projections Of Consciousness
    by Jane Roberts

    "The book will show you the value of dreams recall and illustrate how dreams may be used to promote health, solve problems, and strengthen identity. Besides exploring our own dreams and our dreaming selves, there is also the adventure of discovering the greater dimension in which all dream stake place."

  • The Pact: A Love Story
    by Jodi Picoult

    Contrary to what it may be understood after reading the novel this book is not about True Love.

    The book tells the stoy of a relationship between a young boy and his childhood female friend who turned, in years, to become his girlfriend. The events led to the death of the girl by the hand of her own boyfriend. Did he murder her or merely fulfill her request? Does TrueLove mean that one should do anything for one's spouse just because their souls are connected? Does TrueLove mean dependency, confined personalities and guilt as romantic and colorful as those notions may be? 

    The story raises such questions and more but leaves the answers to the reader's judgment. Those who follow our writings know the answer that we give.

  • Shantaram: A Novel
    by Gregory David Roberts

    In this autobiographical novel the author speaks about love, death and heart. The book describes the other sides of life for many of us - war, crime, poverty - and eventually the conclusions are the same. The author admits that there is nothing more meaningful in life than love; that one can change one's fate with a single choice; and that we are the sole responsible for our life. In rich language and flowing story this book will touch your heart and reassure you on the path you walk on.