True Love Paintings

The written word is a magnificent way to deliver a message. Therefore we aim to integrate the online website with the "world out there" by publishing the content here in a series of printed books (an Album) that will become the most comprehensive material exist regarding the nature and creation of True Love.

The following exclusively unique series of thirty paintings that we expose here has been created by the German-Portuguese artist Jessica Simanowskiaccording to our special requests and guidelines. Jessica is a gifted artist who specializes in transforming written text into images while embedding energy codes within her paintings in order to deliver the message of each chapter on other levels. (Jessica's website address is:

The paintings follow the content of specific articles that are published here. They will serve a significant purpose when incorporated into The True Love Album. Next to each painting come the artist's own words which illuminate her intimate thoughts and aspirations through the process of the creation.
Please note - some people prefer to avoid the written word when observing art. This guideline applies here sevenfold. Therefore, you may want to ignore the descriptions and focus solely on the pictures themselves.
Technical details
All paintings are original paintings on stretched canvas, painted with Acrylic paint, sand, modeling paste and ink. The paintings are signed on the back of the canvas. Sides are painted. 
Canvas size: 40x40 cm or 15.6 x 15.6 inches.

The paintings are not for sell.
You are allowed to use the pictures for your personal purposes. If you do so you are requested to note our website as the owner of the rights. You are not allowed to make any commercial use of the pictures.