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Whoever you may be - Welcome !

I have been given the great privilege to create this website as a venue for publishing personal material about TrueLove and hence to allow others the opportunity to choose TrueLove in their own lives. I welcome each and every one of you to read, to comment and to address me personally with any question or remark. Your inputs will allow me to edit and amend future contents according to your needs.

Love as a notion has been discussed since man became self-aware. It seems therefore that everything that is said will be valid, true and new even if only because Love is the most subjective and personal component in the life of an individual.

The material of Lovush.com will assert two main ideas:

  • Every human being can achieve his/her TrueLove; and
  • How exactly to do that.

When I first initiated my own personal journey towards my TrueLove I could not find any guide to lead me. I have looked over and over for written material and for spoken words from elders and infants that could reveal to me the secrets. I checked each faint clue - in vain. And in time I have realized that I was the guide for myself. Indeed, at times I was accompanied by dear souls that shared with me their own perspectives about Love and allowed me to learn important lessons. True, those times were not easy but no matter what they brought me, they also paved a wide and comfort road for you to walk on now. It is my humble human wish that you will make use of the writings and messages for your highest good.

My way is not the only way to lead you to TrueLove. I have no ownership over the truth and will never have. What I do here is to simply open a portal into a reality that is governed by very accurate laws. These laws are now shared with you to be utilized in your life if you so choose in order to function effectively in a world I consider as “The Kingdom of Love ”.

When we travel from point A to point B, we can choose which way to take. At times we deliberately choose to take the highway to arrive quickly with no delays. On other occasions we prefer to use the secondary road so we could experience the adventure of it. In this website I spread before you a road-map that will take you – undoubtedly – to TrueLove. Is this the fastest way? I have no idea. Is this the best way? For me and others like me, it certainly was. This way that I am sharing with you here and now, is the only way I know that works. I welcome you to share with me your experiences now and in the future. Let us exchange views and experiences until we can offer to our human-fellows a complete and charted atlas.

TrueLove can be your most exhilarating adventure and indeed the happiest one. On your way you will be requested to exercise your own personal discretion. Avoid doing what does not fit you. Reject any external authority that may try to compel you to follow its exclusive instructions. Double check anything and anytime – including my words here – and Do only those things that you find appropriate for You. Should one of those things be my way towards TrueLove, then follow it.

Dear Ones, those who seek TrueLove, I am honored by your presence here with me. Without your determination, perseverance, valor and craving that are in your heart none of these things could exist.

By your existence you have given me the pleasure of serving.