Frequently Asked Questions


  • If I read all the essays and other materials and apply the lessons and guidance what are the chances that I will really find my TrueLove?



  • You speak often about God and the divine. You mention the connection to spirit. I am not a religious person at all. Is TrueLove possible for me too?

Yes. It is common for many people to question their eligibility for being happy in general and having their dreams come true regarding relationship in particular. The truth is very simple - All human beings regardless their race, gender, origin, personal look etc, will eventually experience the connection to their TrueLove. We cannot say that more clearly. Therefore, your religious affiliations are respected but they have nothing to do with your natural inheritance to have TrueLove.


  • What is the difference between the Articles and the founder's messages?

The articels are the lessons we teach in order to find your TrueLove. They are orgenized by order and should you follow them you will be given the practical toolbox to find what you want. The founder's messages on the other hand are more sporadic and less thematic and they represent various issues that David, the founder, desires to share with others.


  • In my tradition it is common for men and women to have fixed/arranged marriages. Is it possible for me to find my TrueLove that way and marry my One?

Again, TrueLove is as natural as the rising of the sun in the morning. You deserve to have that no matter what your outer circumstances may be. Indeed, the life conditions that you had chosen for yourself for this lifetime might present some more challenges for you and hence would require you to go even deeper and farther than others on your path to TrueLove, but do not be discouraged. Your chances to have TrueLove are actually greater than many others'.


  • How long will it take me to find my TrueLove given the fact I am reading all the articles and the material here and following your suggestions?

Firstly let us say that it is not that you will find your TrueLove but rather s/he will find you. It will happen "by itself" with no significant effort on your part. They will come to you in a very natural and reasonable way that matches the life you live. That way you will have no doubts about him/her once they arrived. When will it happen? it is solely up to you and the way you exercise the wisdoms you are taught on your way (including on


  • Is the way you suggest to find TrueLove the only one? What if I don't follow your way? Will I not be able to find TrueLove?

The way we believe in and teach is definitely NOT the only way. It is simply the way we know that works which has proved itself for us and for many others. It is imperative that you exercise your own discretion and intuition to decide if this way is suitable for you.


  • What is the best way to work with the material? Should I read all the articles first and then the Q&As? I do not have much time and I wonder if I can skip some things?

As odd as it may sound, the material was written differently for each reader and therefore each person would utilize it differently. There is not a necessity to read everything to the last letter and actually some people will not find it beneficial to read anything at all. Rather, they will just absorb the energy by being in the website for some time each day. By that they will allow the wisdoms to penetrate their reality. In general we would say - feel your way through it. The articles are the place where you will find the condensed guidance packed into small lessons. Begin with the first article, read it, contemplate it and leave it aside for some time. If it speaks about something new to you, or an issue you feel you should work on - then do it and work on that lesson before you continue with the readings. You can post questions to our team (under the Q&A section) or interact with others on the forum. The work is mostly mental and emotional. Nothing to do "out there".


  • I read the material, I followed the steps and practiced all the guiding tools, but I am still alone and do not have a TrueLove. What else can I do? Am I doing something wrong?

First - TrueLove is part of your essence, it is part of who you are and will manifest in your life without a doubt. We do not doubt it, do you?! We recommend that you go over the "Practical Lessons" and make sure you use the tools properly. Many times people still do not see results because they simply try too hard! Once you feel complete and satisfied with your current life, hold to that position, keep choosing TrueLove and allow Your real Self  to bring your ONE to you.


  • Are your material is new age? Religion? Mysticism?

It is all of the above and nothing of the above at the same time. Our material can not be categorized to only one section. It is all-encompassing. We like to term our teaching as The NYOU Energy!


  • Do I need to pay in order to use the website?

No and yes. you can read the articles and other materials for free. That will never change. You can use some of our services for free. Other specific personal guidance are paid services that we offer for those who choose to use them. The TrueLove Self Analyzer is also a paid service. check it out from this link.


  • Love and TrueLove in particular are private and personal events in one's life. How can you write a guiding "tool book" about it?

Whereas the day-to-day practice is unique to you and colored by your life, the road that leads to that Kingdom of TrueLove is well paved and serves as a wide channel for many. Think of it as the route that airplanes take to fly from Europe to America: Due to climate conditions there is One route that is better than the others and on that route each plain carries its own passengers with their own unique lives. So you see, TrueLove is a private and personal happening but the way to go there can be single.


  • In one of the Founder's messages you say: "....What I do here is to simply open a portal into a reality that we call "the kingdom of Love". How can you say that? In strict esoteric terms you can NEVER open a door for someone else - you can show them the door, show the keys to open the door, but every person needs to knock on the door himself and open it.

Indeed. We do not open a door for anyone. We simply present that portal for whoever chooses to go through it.