One on one Coaching 


There is only one target to such way of apprenticeship and that is to guide you into a NYou Love style of living. By nature, such attitude will attract to you your One, should you so choose.

"Coaching to NYou Love" is an amazing process in which a guide and a student are going through a process of indoctrination in order to root in the seeds for a new way of living. It is not a psychological process and the goal is Not to solve mental problems but rather to integrate a new way of living.

The Coaching process can take place any where in the world and it recommended that part of it will be held at the student's residency so the guide familiarise  him/her self with the student's way of living. 

you should consider applying for coaching services if:

  • You have virtues like self-discipline, determination, and resilience to be guided. That means that you should be willing to listen and apply what you are taught. A stubborn approach that aims to combat and argue from your end would be a waste of your time and money.


  • You have a strong desire to find your One and assimilate yourself in the TrueLove way of living. We emphasize - if you are not sure about the nature of the relationship that you want for yourself, or if you are not ready yet for a commitment then it's still not the right time for you to ask for coaching.


  • You can spare at least one week of your time for close interaction with a guide in an open and honest sharing. This is not merely a technical requirement: if you are unable to open up to a stranger or excessively afraid of the outcomes of such interaction you may want to work on that prior to applying for coaching. Honesty and sharing are a must for beneficial coaching.

Once you decide that you want to be coached and such a way is appropriate for you contact us for further details. We will provide you with a short questioner to examine the appropriateness of such action.

Please note - coaching is offered as a paid service. Since every human being is different and the necessities vary greatly it is impossible to provide a fixed price