While some people use the Essays to learn new things and expand their self-awareness, others need different methods. We are continuing to develop new practical tools and methods for you to use to learn about your Self and reunite with it. Hereinafter we detail our various creations and you are welcome to explore and use .


Questions and Answers 

Along the years we have answered many questions received from people like you who desired new solutions for their relationship situations. You are welcome to explore the extensive database of  Q&As. 

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The NYOU tests center 

We have created professional self-tests which will help you to get to know your entire belief system. In a fun and friendly way you will realize what holds you back in life and hence be able to take the required steps to achieve a change. 

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LOVUSH®  - a board game for couples 

Communication is vital for healthy and fruitful relationship. Our unique Board game will allow you and your loved one to get to know yourselves and each other in a fun and enjoyable way. Be prepared for many hours of laughs and fun!  

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Our eleven lectures on different subjects cover the entire material that we publish here.   

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We have created practical, effective and mind boggling workshops to bring the notions into your hearts and minds. Through the workshops you will be able to crystallize what you have read and create your own True-Love 

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